Bowsley is… live!

Folks – I’m really excited to share that I’ve launched version 1 of Bowsley. It’s a tool built on top of Laravel Forge that automates the collection of hosting fees from clients.

It also automatically handles late payments by temporarily disabling the website after a configurable grace period has passed.

I built it to solve my own problem here – I’m not usually the kind of guy to bring down clients websites because they haven’t paid their hosting fee. But – having it done “automatically” by Bowsley now means that client hosting works more like traditional “reseller hosting” would.

I’m currently accepting beta users, and the waiting list is open. If you think Bowsley could solve your fee collection problems… then please sign up!

I would love if Bowsley removed some stress from freelancers and small agencies, by managing and collecting recurring revenue from client websites hosted on Laravel Forge!