Saz Mifsud is a Malta based fashion brand founded in 2013. The brand needed a strong e-Commerce website to act as a fundamental part of the brand’s local and global strategy. We started small by addressing the most pressing needs first, and then added more selling and marketing tools as they were required.

Now, the e-Commerce website is a cornerstone of the Saz Mifsud brand – it’s easy-to-use administrative backend means that new campaigns and promotional pages can easily be created in-house. Third party services are easily integrated with the website to allow the brand to use the latest technologies tying themselves down with one service provider – aka¬†without vendor lock-in.

Technologies Used

WordPress, WooCommerce, Facebook Product Catalogue

Easy to update

Easy to sell

A common pain point with clients is friction caused by a difficult process to publish new content. The easy and visual way to build out new pages encourages the brand to experiment with new content to see what works best for them.

Retargeting with

Facebook Product Catalogue

The website automatically publishes products to Facebook’s Product Catalogue to allow products to be tagged on both Facebook and Instagram. Integrating in this way allows automatic retargeting campaigns to be setup to identify and target high-value leads.

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