Mike tapped into what we wanted to achieve, often challenging our layman preconceptions, and economically resolving all our requirements by building an easy-to-use platform which we could use in-house.

Andrew VinciFounder at Vinci Architects

Vinci Architects are a group of design minded architects – their experience working digitally meant that I could take a slightly different approach with this project and worked to set up a good system for them to update and tweak their website

After setting up the initial sitemap and layout of the website, I transferred ownership of the project to the client – who can now update and maintain the website easily without the need to contract any third party developers!

Technologies Used

WordPress, Web Development

It’s still got

all the good stuff

The website is mobile-first and fully responsive, is built using SEO best practices and is optimised for speed using an aggressive caching strategy. Passing control to the client for this project hasn’t compromised any of the features that a modern website should have as standard.

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