WhichBeach was an idea born out of necessity. In my youth I remember how some of us had the uncanny ability to check the weather report in the paper and then know which beaches would be ideal to go to that day. I never figured out how to do that, so years later I was lucky enough to partner with the talented Glenn Grech and André Schembri, and together we created an automated solution to this problem.

The core feature of the website is the beach scoring. We use weather APIs to automatically update the website every hour to give an accurate prediction of the conditions at every beach. Over time we expanded the website to allow all of Malta’s beaches to be better searched and explored, and to include more information per beach.

Technologies Used

Laravel, Vue.js, Ionic Framework

Launching “good”

and updating till “great”

The first iteration of the website was a single page recommending the best beach to go to. Once we realised that people were engaged, we improved the website by adding the Beach Explorer and Forecast features.

It ain’t over

till it’s over

Which Beach is an ongoing project. As we have more ideas, we’ll add them to the website. If you think of a feature that will add value to the website – feel free to reach out.

The Mobile App

One of the most common requests we received was “when is the app coming out?“. With support from the MTA, we were able to develop an iOS and Android app using the Ionic Framework.

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