I’m a software engineer and founder of Luzzu.io, a blockchain development studio.

I have many years of experience in taking projects from idea to production in the shortest time possible, and I enjoy bringing my process-driven mindset and organisation skills to projects to make sure that they stay on track and are built to spec the first time round.

In 2018 I co-founded a leadership coaching platform called Mindbeat where I built the platform’s MVP, grew the engineering team and acted as the technical product owner, lead developer and head of tech for the company until 2021.

I’m the proud co-founder of WhichBeach, a popular beach-explorer website for Malta that lists and scores beaches based on the current weather. The website was launched in 2013 and has steadily grown in popularity since then.

I enjoy travelling and visiting other countries. In 2011 I took 8 months to travel around Spain and Portugal where I lived a little of the “digital nomad” lifestyle.

I’ve been playing music since I was young: initially learning the piano and then picking up the guitar and singing. I released two studio albums in my early twenties and am still releasing new music nowadays.