Why dummy data matters – and how to generate it

Part of creating a successful Staging and Test environment for your application is generating dummy data as part of your deployment process. This dummy data is used during development, the QA process and even for feature demos. Making it easy for application states to be achieved with minimal “setup” (that tends to be tedious, data-entry… Continue reading Why dummy data matters – and how to generate it

Blockchain Island and the future of Malta’s budding Blockchain industry

As of 3rd July 2018, Malta has become the first country to provide a legal framework for businesses working in the blockchain space. That and the friendly political attitude towards blockchain-based companies means that more foreign companies (like Binance) will set up shop in Malta, more local companies (like Intelliblock) will emerge and more opportunities for blockchain developers & consultants, corporate & legal services and marketing services will be there for the taking.

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Copying Font Awesome Fonts with Laravel Elixir

For some reason, I always have trouble setting up Font Awesome (quickly) with Laravel & Elixir. It’s three easy steps. Pull in font-awesome with npm or yarn Import Font Awesome’s stylesheets in your app.scss file Copy Font Awesome’s font files to your public directory Configure Elixir to do this automatically for you in your gulpfile: This… Continue reading Copying Font Awesome Fonts with Laravel Elixir

The Perfect Staging Environment

I’ve recently created a staging environment that I’m proud of, and I’d like to share it with you. I wanted my staging environment to accomplish two things: Always show the latest version of the project Be automatically populated with dummy data The Staging Server Accomplishing the above is easy with Forge and Laravel. The first step… Continue reading The Perfect Staging Environment

Refactoring Advanced Eloquent Filters To Collections

Amo Chohan wrote a very good article detailing a technique he uses to clean up controllers when dealing with complex search queries in eloquent. I’m also enjoying Adam Wathan‘s latest release: Refactoring to Collections – a read guaranteed to make you smarter. Amo really nailed the functionality here – but I think the final class… Continue reading Refactoring Advanced Eloquent Filters To Collections