Logging Guzzle Requests

I’m working on a project that involves consuming a Json REST Api – it’s sometimes useful to log the requests being made – both for debugging and historical purposes. I’m using the popular Guzzle package to consume the Api, which has the middleware concept built in – allowing developers to register hooks during the request lifecycle, and… Continue reading Logging Guzzle Requests

Don’t Build Salmon Cannons

Today I learned about Salmon Cannons. Salmon have evolved to swim up river to spawn, but the introduction of dams has created a sometimes impossible obstacle for salmon to overcome. A clever solution has been found in the way of the Salmon Cannon – a slippery tube that sucks salmon over obstacles so that they can… Continue reading Don’t Build Salmon Cannons

Things I Used To Do (That Aren’t Cool Now)

I’m the proud owner of WhichBeach – the website that tells you which beach is best to visit (in Malta) based on the weather, updated hourly. As I’m picking up the codebase ahead of this Summer’s updates, I can’t help but review and refactor the existing code. It’s interesting to dissect previous design decisions. Also, I’ve learnt… Continue reading Things I Used To Do (That Aren’t Cool Now)

Learning the Language

I wrote an article about how learning the language of the business should effect your code over at BRND WGN. One way to alleviate the problem with ‘naming’ in programming is to write code using the jargon of your client’s business. With every new skill, comes a new bundle of terms that separate the complete… Continue reading Learning the Language

Search Laracasts through Chrome’s Omnibox

When venturing on something new, I automatically pop over to Laracasts to see if Jeffrey’s got an opinion about it. If you do the same, then adding Laracasts as a custom search provider to Chrome makes this process even easier. Here’s how: Follow Google’s instructions on adding a custom search provider to Chrome. Here’s what they are as… Continue reading Search Laracasts through Chrome’s Omnibox