This is a technique that I recently found useful. Eloquent models allow you to specify a custom collection object to be returned – which sometimes can be a great place to put some business logic.

While refactoring WhichBeach, I used a custom collection to move some logic from the Beach model to a custom BeachCollection. This allowed me to test the logic in isolation.

Creating the Custom Collection

I created a new class extending Laravel’s Eloquent Collection:

In my model, I instructed Laravel to use my custom collection:

Adding the Logic

Now that I had a place to put my custom code, I could add any number of helper methods to be used throughout my application:

Edit: The above code block has been improved after an excellent suggestion by Joseph Silber in the comments.

This has given me the ability to write more fluent code when dealing with beaches:

Being able to write the line above is a big plus for me – the less cognitive load required to understand the intended output, the better.

Let me know of any good examples of using custom collections in the comments!

Michael Stivala

Michael Stivala

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