Gavin AI: for tech teams fed up with writing tedious PR descriptions.

Introducing Gavin AI: the solution for tech teams fed up with writing tedious pull request descriptions.

We know that most developers dread writing lengthy descriptions for their pull requests, but we also know how valuable they are for those performing the code review. That’s why I created Gavin AI, a SaaS app that connects to your GitHub account and automatically generates summaries of code changes for you.

With Gavin AI, you can save time and still provide valuable context for your team’s code reviews. Simply “enable” your repositories through the app, and a comment with a summary of all code changes will be posted every time a pull request is opened.

Say goodbye to the burden of writing pull request descriptions and hello to increased productivity with Gavin AI. Try it out today and see the difference it can make for your tech team.

Gavin AI is currently an MVP in open beta, with some features in the pipeline that I’m really excited about (did someone say automatic code reviews?)

I’m currently looking for people to trial out Gavin, and give me some feedback. If you’re interested – please give Gavin a shot by visiting and enable a repository of yours!

During this period – Gavin AI is of course, Free!